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Protecting Privacy with Cards
We take care of the difficulties of collecting money from the customer and securing the customer portraits from the public prying eye by providing a card with a unique id that you photograph with your camera then hand to the customer.
After the photo shoot the customer then enters in the card id number at shuttercard.com and gains access to their photos with purchasing and downloading privilages.
Capture Moments That Last Forever
Seriously, we keep your images forever
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Simple Management Tools


Shuttercard helps you sell photographs faster and cheaper. With so many avenues to choose from, knowing where to sell photographs online is key. Shuttecard provides the online photographer with simple tools needed to engage in new opportunities otherwise thought of as impossible or too challenging. Sell your photographs with the ease of these following tools.

Event and Session Management Tool

event and session tools

Events and Sessions

  • Anyone can post an event or session.
  • Photographers can propose fees and apply to postings.
  • Event managers of fairs, banquet, etc. can set additional fees.

Because Shuttercard encourages buyers to rate and comment on all photographs, and anyone else on public photographs, buyers can make better educated guesses when choosing the right photographer in their local area.

Image Upload Management Tool


  • Upload from the browser. No software to install.
  • Super fast uploads.
  • No queues or wait times.
  • Incredibly secure and redundant.

Shuttercard uploads images directly to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3), the largest and most scalable storage system in the world. Amazon S3 is a mission-critical service designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability. So your uploads will always be fast and safe.

 upload tools
Sales Management Tool

sales tools


  • Manage photographer or event sales.
  • Get paid immediately after a purchase.
  • Rely on Paypals security and dependability.

All sales transactions go through Paypal, the world's most popular payment gateway. A soon as a sale is made Shuttercard will display a Transfer Button that will allow you to instantly transfer the buyer's funds from our account to yours. No waiting two weeks or until you have a set amount in sales.